Graphic design, website, branding, UI/UX, copy consulting

Energy Management helps companies in Sweden, such as banks and finance companies to increase their profitability through workshops, lectures and courses based  on the Energy Management program. They needed a new, modern website and Hello Hi got the prestigious assignment to make Energy Management look and feel 2016.

The concept is based on energy and movement. The site moves in all different directions to create the energetic dynamics, without becoming cluttered. Buttons is filled up with color as batteries, you slide to the right, left, down and up in catchy animations.

The color scheme got a real liftup and profile got  a new main color; yellow combined with the Orange Energy MMs customers already is familiar with. The dark blue was replaced with a hotter and more stylish black and a couple of more colors was added. The logo was retainedisch, but the old dark blue was replaced with white.

Have a look at for the entire experience.


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