The CEO has the floor

My name is Anders van der Hagen and I am the CEO of Louder Family. I’ve been at it for more than 15 years and have seen trends come and go, seen colleagues evolve, fly on and even come back. I’ve seen our agency go from being an event carpenter, to today being a full-service communications agency that also plans and buys space in selected media.

I’m glad we took the plunge from just being eventers. It was F&B’s digital journey that spurred us to think that we too could make such a turnaround. We made contacts and colleagues who came from a different part of the industry and had a more comprehensive marketing skill set. Today, it is a hygiene factor to be digital in your area of knowledge, whatever kind of agency you say you are, but few agencies are really comprehensive in their solutions, we have noticed. We became one of those who are just comprehensive for real.

We’ve always been strong at creating what is now called content. Whatever the size of your budget, we’ve managed to create real magic. Usually by living with and understanding the target group’s need to be seen, think, feel and participate. Everything we do is targeted, any other kind of marketing I think the consumer will see through and then the message passes through them like a gust of wind through their hair.

We are particularly proud of the fact that we created PLOGGA, a worldwide behavioural change movement that has succeeded in influencing the Swedish people and about 2 billion people around the world, to throw less plastic on our streets and to clean up our nature.

We do marketing that people simply want to participate in. Something people want to be a part of and associate with.

If you want to know more about how we work, think, act and how a small plotting agency takes the word Mega Agency. Then my colleagues and I will be happy to come by and tell you more about it, listen to your challenges and give you our view on it all.

Anders van der Hagen
CEO, Louder Family – Mega Ageny

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