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Did someone say Corona?

Let’s start by saying that we at Louder Family were of course as surprised by Covid-19 as pretty much everyone else. We see around us how colleagues in the industry seem to give up and see the situation as nightmarish.

That said, we think the other way around!

For us, the year started at a high speed and we are well on track to meet our 2020 budget targets. Of course it affects us all in one way or another, but we certainly don’t see that a pandemic would have to bring the rest of the year to a standstill. It’s at a time like this that we can all make a difference.

It’s more important than ever to be creative, and we know that companies that don’t invest in smart marketing will find it harder to catch up financially once the situation calms down. So this is where we hold our customers by the hand a little extra and guide them tactfully through what might otherwise have been a crisis not only now, but also on the other side of Covid-19.

In other words, it’s time for great digital strategies and online brand-building activities that connect audiences to brands and create real relationships. This can range from social media campaigns and other digital channels (newspapers are overflowing with traffic at the moment), to helping to broadcast conferences and events live. The channel choices are still many, albeit mainly digital and about digital marketing.

What it all has in common is that it will highlight the importance of the creative idea, the values and the essence of the communication. It’s time to be flexible and courageous. We are strong there, and always have been. At Louder Family, we have the whole package in-house, from strategy, concept and execution, to media placement and follow-up.

We are looking forward to a year where we expand our business with new wonderful colleagues; experts in communication, web and marketing.

If you need help to get to the other side of the Corona disaster in a clean and safe way, you know where to find us!

Warm digital distance hugs
The Louder Family crew

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