Do you want to hold a digital conference this autumn?

Do you feel the need to get together, but don’t want to risk being seen physically this year? Want to make it a little more professional and stylish than a regular digital video meeting?

At Louder Family, we offer stylish, professional solutions for digital conferences and webinars, where a number of conference hosts from your company lead the digital meeting with professional vignettes, graphics, sound and lighting.

All participants are actively involved remotely and can ask questions via an integrated chat function. We can show panel discussions with several speakers at the same time and presentations are shown in split screen.

Either we broadcast from a studio in downtown Stockholm, or your conference hosts will come and broadcast on site. Alternatively, if you are unable to get to the studio, the broadcast will be made from your home.

We can also help with content production and any activations, multiple cameras and external moderators and speakers.

To make it easy, we’ve put together a Basic package, and if you want to add different things and features, that’s fine.

We have all the technology, facilities, props, staff and graphic designers to make vignettes, name signs and more. We also have access to moderators and are happy to help you find the right one.

Basic package from 30 000 SEK excluding taxes.

The Basic package includes:

  • Local 265 sqm with simple furnishings for studio. Venue 1 day (the venue is located in Fredhäll near Kristineberg metro station)
  • A camera
  • Sound
  • Light
  • Graphic nameplates in the broadcast
  • Vignette
  • Camera technician/photo technician
  • Technical solution to stream via our Basic Web Solution; alternatively if you have your own web solution to add the stream to
  • Up to 5 external speakers outside the studio


  • Moderator
  • Props/backdrop/scenery
  • Help with content production
  • Cutting the recap and other things afterwards
  • Running techniques for more advanced programs
  • Multiple cameras

Does this sound like something for you? Get in touch and we’ll find a solution for your needs! Mail, or call Anders Hagen on 0708666103

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