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Measuring your rebranding campaign – how successful was it?

Rebranding can be an effective strategy to increase sales and position a brand appropriately. But how do you know if your campaign for it was successful? By measuring your rebranding campaign! You need to know which digital and physical channels are important to monitor. We take a closer look at who they are to see your results. This will allow you to make decisions on how to improve your future campaigns.

To measure the success of your corporate rebranding campaign, you should review the following digital channels:

Home page

Your website is often the primary source of information about your company and brand. By monitoring page views, clicks and other engagements on your web content, you can gain a better understanding of how stakeholders are engaging with your campaign and brand.

Social media

Social media channels have become more and more popular for campaigns. By measuring performance on these platforms, you can measure how many people see your content, share it and comment on it.

Email marketing

Having an opt-in email list reduces the risk of your messages being classified as spam. By sending campaigns to your email list and tracking interactions, you can find out how your subscribers engage with your messages.

Regarding physical channels, the following are important to monitor:


If you have advertised in newspapers or on out-of-home advertising (such as ads on buses or billboards), it is important to track the number of people who have seen your ad and shown interest in your brand. As it cannot be tracked in the same way as online, you can look at the general traffic patterns during the dates of the campaigns. You can also have a QR code to the desired destination that is measurable.


If you have participated in events and fairs, you can measure the number of visitors to your stand and other engagements at the event. This is to see whether or not you have managed to generate interest in your brand.

Mäta er kampanj för omprofilering

By measuring your rebranding campaign through these channels and analyzing the data you receive, you will have a better understanding of the success of your company’s rebranding campaign. You can identify which channels worked best and which need improvement. This information can help you adjust your budget and strategy so that you can create more effective campaigns in the future and choose where to put your efforts.

This gives you an important competitive advantage in the market! We help you collect and analyze data and strategize activities going forward. And the execution of the activities, for that matter, if you need it. Get in touch with us and we can discuss what you need – to maximize your results!