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About the case

To create a modern digital presence for Avloppsservice AB.

To remain competitive in the modern digital environment, it is important for businesses to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Avloppsservice, a company providing sewerage services in the Stockholm area, recently underwent a rebranding process to ensure they had a modern, digital presence. This included creating a new graphic profile for the website in terms of UX and UI design, as well as redesigning the website and launching marketing initiatives through SEM (Google Ads) and social media. Louderfamily was commissioned to carry this out.

The UX/UI design of a website is one of the most important aspects of its development. The user experience should be intuitive and easy to navigate, while providing all the necessary information about your company and services. When creating the new graphic profile for Avloppsservice’s website, our team focused on making sure it was visually appealing, user-friendly and on-brand. We also made sure it was optimised for mobile devices so that users could easily access it from any device.
avloppsservice hemsida responsiv
In addition to creating a new graphic profile for the Sewer Service website, our team also re-coded it to make sure it worked smoothly. This meant optimising speeds and improving code structure so that pages loaded faster and navigation was easier for users.

We then launched marketing initiatives through SEM (Google Ads) and social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram to increase brand awareness among potential customers in the Stockholm area. Our team created engaging content that highlighted Avloppsservice’s services as well as attractive visual images that were published on these platforms. We used targeted keywords in our ads so that they would appear when users searched for relevant terms related to sewer services in Stockholm. In addition, we ran remarketing campaigns that only showed ads to people who had already visited the Sewer Service website or engaged with their content on social media.

Avloppsservice’s recent reprofiling process has proven successful: their new website offers an improved user experience with optimized speeds, their SEM campaigns have helped increase their visibility among potential customers, and their social media presence has increased significantly since they launched marketing initiatives on multiple platforms. All this together has enabled them to remain competitive in today’s digital landscape while offering quality wastewater services throughout the Stockholm area.


The new graphic profile and the work on the UX/UI of the site has converted an incredible amount of leads from the visitors who visited the site. They have found it through our SEO, SEM and social media content work. We’re gonna let the numbers speak for themselves.


Increase in traffic to website


Increase in direct traffic to website:


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