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About the case

Glennfiddich wanted to invite Nordic guests to his distillery in Scotland as part of a loyalty-building effort. Of course, we found an exciting way to do this.

Glenfiddich Cask of Dreams Nordic Oak Edition

By maturing the whisky in a barrel made of Swedish oak, we came up with a completely new taste, which in addition to addressing the target group directly with its name also tasted thoroughly Nordic.

A unique concept and a grand whisky tour: a barrel was rolled around the streets and squares of the Nordic countries, in 4 countries with 160 stops. Interested parties had the opportunity to taste, order bottles and participate in the competition for a trip to the distillery in Scotland.

The simple premise of the competition was to write your dream on the barrel. This was then flown down to the distillery along with 10 winners that we picked along the way. More of the unique whisky was brewed there, and all the bottles ordered during the trip were refilled and delivered.

Louder Family created both concepts and films, we spread the message, built loyalty with consumers and restaurateurs and ensured final delivery of the product. It was a successful project in the eyes of both the client and the consumer.
glennfiddish cask of dreams event


The new visual identity and how Louder Family has implemented it has completely exploded the brand in the market. Already two months after launch, Louder Family had made sure that Polyver Sweden had broken sales records.

We have helped Polyver Sweden to take the position it wants in the market. We have reached out with the brand on Instagram and Facebook, and also driven traffic to Polyver Sweden’s new website.


Increase in direct traffic to website:


Increase in direct traffic to website:


Increase in direct traffic to website:

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