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This case is so old that even the word event agency was hot. Louder Family comes from that very genre and was briefed by Microsoft ahead of the release of the game Halo. As is always the case with a subculture, it is vital that the target audience is willing to accept the message with open arms, otherwise neither they, their followers nor the industry will follow suit.

The solution to this problem was to create a play in which the main character of the game, the Masterchief, also played the main role in the launch.

The project took shape and was so edgy that the project owner at Microsoft mentioned that his job was on the line if we didn’t succeed with what we had proposed.

The solution was a concert in the Berwald Hall, where the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra played. The Royal Choir sang and the extreme dance group North 64 put on a show.

Using motion graphics and an accompanying costume, we programmed a digital Masterchief to dance as one of the participants in the ballet. The Philharmonic spent six months interpreting Halo, creating a unique concert.
microsoft halo lansering xbox berwaldshallen
To reach out to more unexpected channels, the Backyard Babies were brought in to perform one of the songs with the Philharmonic Orchestra. A similar band from each Nordic country was also given the opportunity to spread the message to our neighbours. The collaboration went so deep that Dregen could be seen tattooing Halo across his chest on a well-known core magazine.

This project was carried out before social media existed, but we made all the steps of the project visible via a blog, which felt new at the time. The blog in turn meant that when we released the tickets for the show, they sold out in five minutes.

The project was successful in so many ways that the launch was even mentioned in Microsoft’s annual report, helping to increase the value of this US-listed company.

As an agency, we won the Best Practice in the World award from Microsoft. We also won the Golden Wheel (which, by the way, we have stopped competing in since that day) and a gold in the PR industry’s SPINN gala.

Today, when we are more of a contemporary advertising agency, this is still a clear example of what can be achieved with a good idea, great client trust, well-directed energy and good project management.


The new visual identity and how Louder Family has implemented it has completely exploded the brand in the market. Already two months after launch, Louder Family had made sure that Polyver Sweden had broken sales records.

We have helped Polyver Sweden to take the position it wants in the market. We have reached out with the brand on Instagram and Facebook, and also driven traffic to Polyver Sweden’s new website.


Increase in direct traffic to website:


Increase in direct traffic to website:


Increase in direct traffic to website:

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