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Event & Marketing - Launch in Sweden
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Did you know that it was the Louder Family who made Red Bull trendy in Sweden?

Concept, idea and implementation were done by Louder Family. A classic Red Bull project that was carried out in the middle of the central parts of Stockholm, with the Palace, the Riksdag, the Grand Hotel, Café Opera and Strömmen as a backdrop.

Red Bull had a hard time getting into Stockholm’s finest taverns, it was considered a cheap product. We conceptualised the Red Bull Ultimate Driver so that a so-called Dark Driver visited all the coolest pubs and threw a white embroidered Red Bull Ultimate Driver glove in front of selected restaurateurs. These restaurateurs were able to find information about where the other glove was. The second glove also had its own racing overall, helmet and shoes. All restaurateurs took part in a solid racing school with some of Sweden’s top drivers. It all culminated in a qualifying race at the big race, later in the year.
redbull ultimate driver event slottet stockholm
redbull ultimate driver event marketing stockholm
In addition, they wanted to reach a whole new target group; professional drivers and car drivers would start drinking Red Bull instead of coffee. Before the project, surveys showed that only 1 in 10 professional drivers would consider drinking coffee instead of Red Bull when driving. Not much to cheer about.

Now for the event itself, which was created to put you “top of mind” in this trendy world of restaurateurs, consumers and drivers.

We invited 16 professionals – all worthy of the name – plus a secret guest we couldn’t name until three days before the event. This was because the palace security service was unable to stop the prince’s participation, and simply had to secure their object.

There were 32 places in the final, the other 16 places were open to anyone from Lund in the south to Umeå in the north. This made it possible for any Swedish motorsport enthusiast to suddenly go from being a truck driver, student, or doctor to competing against the elite.
The permit took more or less six months to negotiate. Never before had such a large establishment been carried out on the streets of Stockholm. At 05.00 on race day we had to close the streets, at 09.00 the qualifying would start. 48 trucks with equipment rolled in and we built this complex set-up through timely planning.

Amateurs met professionals. The prince started his racing career. The Crown Princess sat in the official gallery, together with our partners and the City of Stockholm.

Red Bull established a five-star restaurant in one of the Formula 1 tents.

The success was given and the evening ended at Café Opera! Nine of the ten invited pubs started serving Red Bull in their range after the project was completed, and 8 out of 10 professional drivers switched from coffee to Red Bull.

This is what we call a classic Louder Family project! Concepts, influencers, stars, social media, creativity, tactful planning, establishment, execution with an extreme media turnout, live TV broadcast – all this in a well-planned mix and with a big smile on your face.
redbull ultimate driver event stockholm
redbull ultimate driver event stockholm
redbull ultimate driver event stockholm winner
redbull ultimate driver event stockholm


The new visual identity and how Louder Family has implemented it has completely exploded the brand in the market. Already two months after launch, Louder Family had made sure that Polyver Sweden had broken sales records.

We have helped Polyver Sweden to take the position it wants in the market. We have reached out with the brand on Instagram and Facebook, and also driven traffic to Polyver Sweden’s new website.


Increase in direct traffic to website:


Increase in direct traffic to website:


Increase in direct traffic to website:

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