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About the case

Louder Family was commissioned to update the website. We would design both UI and UX (user interface and user experience), create content architecture and write basic copy that the company could build on.
Sefina wanted a website that was easy to navigate, interactive, attractive, fast and in line with modern standards. Of course, they also wanted visitors to stay on the site and click around, and to come back repeatedly. And, of course, that the site converts – not least that the site could be used for borrowing and pawning.

We had a challenge ahead of us.

Nothing for the hobby web designer is a complex website as it contains both an online shop with tens of thousands of unique products, mortgage systems, valuation systems, calculators of various kinds, press room, blog, customer portal for managing loans, live chat, educational articles and lots of important information for both buyers and borrowers. The site also contains many links to external databases.

We got to work.

sefina pantbank webb

We started by analysing the Sefina website at the time to get a handle on the main problems:

  • Visitors to the site “turned the door down” – high bounce rate.
  • The site was difficult to navigate, with, among other things. four different menus for visitors to get lost in.
  • Lots of text, in long paragraphs and in black and white, written primarily with SEO and ranking in mind. Not so reader-friendly.
  • Low responsiveness – the site was built primarily for desktop visitors but had mostly mobile visitors.

In addition to the immediate problems, Sefina had a long list of requests for further development. These, together with the problems that needed to be solved, gave us a lot to deal with. This we did:

  • Upgraded platform technology for speed and higher security.
  • Redesigned the platform for mobile visitors but also keep desktop visitors in mind.
  • Created new graphic identity.
  • Scaled down and restructured content for easier navigation and interaction.
  • Separated out the web shop so that the rest could be redesigned for information retrieval and ranking.
  • Simplified purchase flow and filtering and created a convenient feature to get items valued online.
  • Created the “Vintage box” – a box for users to send in and pawn their valued items.
  • Created stylish and smooth customer service chat.
  • Made it easy for webshop editors to tag products.
  • We delivered.
The result can be summed up by the fact that we have one really happy customer – one who now has many more and happier customers. And if the customers are happy, we are happy!
sefina pantbank webb case


The new visual identity and how Louder Family has implemented it has completely exploded the brand in the market. Already two months after launch, Louder Family had made sure that Polyver Sweden had broken sales records.

We have helped Polyver Sweden to take the position it wants in the market. We have reached out with the brand on Instagram and Facebook, and also driven traffic to Polyver Sweden’s new website.


Increase in direct traffic to website:


Increase in direct traffic to website:


Increase in direct traffic to website:

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