The megaphone

The Art of Effective Communication: A Guide for Businesses

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business world, effective external communication has become more important than ever. It is crucial for companies to be able to communicate with their customers, partners, and other stakeholders in a way that is clear, concise, and compelling. However, many businesses struggle with external communication, especially when it comes to promoting …

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shopify partner computer ecommerce

Take your e-commerce to new heights with Shopify! User-friendly for you and your customers

Are you familiar with the Shopify e-commerce platform? Maybe you’ve heard of it but haven’t used it yourself? Do you want to increase sales in your current webshop? Are you eager to start up or expand an online store and want to learn more about the different options? Whatever your situation regarding e-commerce, Shopify can …

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seo sem marknadsföring

5 tips for SEM (paid search engine marketing)

Want to get more traffic and increase your brand awareness? SEM could be the solution! SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and is the art of, through paying for it, making a website appear higher in the search results of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

louder family secrets

The road to Louder Family’s success concept

The road to compelling campaigns, thoughtful branding and successful concepts can be long and winding, but Louder Family’s model of working makes it clear and simple. Our eminent Art Director & Creative Director Linnea Härjerud will orient you in the process behind a brand’s DNA and success.

climate event

Digital climate conference

Hello! For the next five days, we, the Louder Family, are creating change in the world together with Ingmar Rentzhog and the organisation We Don´t Have Time. The world’s top 100 scientists, companies, experts join us to lecture on how to create change based on one topic a day. Monday: finance, Nick Robins et al. …

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covid post

Did someone say Corona?

Let’s start by saying that we at Louder Family were of course as surprised by Covid-19 as pretty much everyone else. We see around us how colleagues in the industry seem to give up and see the situation as nightmarish. That said, we think the other way around! For us, the year started at a …

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event post

Landing an event

We will leave unsaid when the world’s first event was held. But what we call event marketing today can be traced back to, among other things, when Coca Cola started handing out drink coupons to promote its product in 1886. In 1893, the first World Fairs were held in Chicago. Around 1970, American breweries began …

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