Author name: Anders Hagen

climate event

Digital climate conference

Hello! For the next five days, we, the Louder Family, are creating change in the world together with Ingmar Rentzhog and the organisation We Don´t Have Time. The world’s top 100 scientists, companies, experts join us to lecture on how to create change based on one topic a day. Monday: finance, Nick Robins et al.

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covid post

Did someone say Corona?

Let’s start by saying that we at Louder Family were of course as surprised by Covid-19 as pretty much everyone else. We see around us how colleagues in the industry seem to give up and see the situation as nightmarish. That said, we think the other way around! For us, the year started at a

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event post

Landing an event

We will leave unsaid when the world’s first event was held. But what we call event marketing today can be traced back to, among other things, when Coca Cola started handing out drink coupons to promote its product in 1886. In 1893, the first World Fairs were held in Chicago. Around 1970, American breweries began

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punch today in the face

The blog post from hell

-OH HELL!You’ve thought (and probably said) that at some point before a project. For example, when a website doesn’t work the way you want it to, when you realise that the department doesn’t have clothes with the company logo for the midnight run tomorrow, or when just about every colleague suddenly wants to interfere in

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